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Three Score Dance Projects

Care Homes

Care Homes

Care Homes

 Company members have been working with Rosaria Gracia, choreographer and university lecturer, on a ‘dance exercise’ programme for residents in local care homes.The programme involve residents and Three Score members dancing together for a few weeks using Rosaria’s exercise routines. The sessions have proven enjoyable and moving for both residents and company members alike.

Here is what residents say:

“I was unsure at first because I couldn’t think how I would manage it but once I got into it I found it very enjoyable. Although I couldn’t do the lower body exercises I found that the upper body ones really helped, it was so good to see so many taking part too.” (Female participant, 87)

‘My sciatica has eased up’ (Flo)

‘I have never had the chance to dance. This is very good. I tell my son everytime he comes for lunch’ (Male participant – Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s)

Three Score Company Members are also positive:

‘I feel I cannot have enough repetition/explanation about working from the core and awareness of my physical self. As a 70 year old non-dancer, I have lived many years learning how to live without this awareness. I regret this never was and still is not part of the school curriculum.’ 

‘It makes perfect sense that the more awareness you have regarding how your body works, the better your chances of avoiding injury or correcting bad habits’ 

‘Still impressed how effective the exercises are’.





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